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Practical: Primary aged children - interests and aptitudes

The European Commission Directorate-General Information Society and Media has commissioned OPTEM and its European partners to carry out a qualitative study on the subject "Safer Internet for Children". - This study covers 29 countries (the 27 Member States, as well as Iceland and Norway) and it involves children : - Boys aged 9 to 10 years - Girls aged 9 to 10 years - Boys aged 12 to 14 years - Girls aged 12 to 14 years all of whom have the possibility to access the Internet (although not necessarily at their home place) and use it at least once per month. - It aims at improving knowledge about : - Internet usage by children, as well as mobile phone usage (by those who own a mobile phone) - Their on-line behaviour - Their perceptions of risk and safety related questions The results of the study are to be used to contribute to designing the Safer Internet Programme, and to increase the impact of awareness building actions. - The methodology used is that of group discussions with, in each country, four groups of children (one in each of the above categories). - National reports were produced in each of the 29 countries. - This report constitutes the overall analysis of the results based on the sections of the study conducted in each of the 29 countries. - It includes, in the Annexes - The list of the partner-institutes involved in each country - The composition of the groups - The discussion guide used by the moderators

Source: http://ec.europa.eu/public_opinion/quali/ql_safer_internet_summary.pdf

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Thanks for opening up a whole new world on the current state of play on media that children are consuming - I'd never come across the wonderful Tracy Beaker before!

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