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The Culture Online initiative has shut up shop after commissioning 26 interactive projects. With 25 awards under their belt, from BIMAs to BAFTAs, we paid them a visit to find out how they did it.

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Paul Murphy looks at web-based applications based around the sharing of content and asks to what extent they can be useful for artists and arts organisations.

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Delivering digital projects

Creative people would rather run a mile than think about processes and methodology. But it's impossible to create a digital project unless you've got some idea of where you're going and how you're going to get there. The four-part process outlined here may get you thinking. Sections include: concept, planning, build and 'run and sustain'. How do you do it?

Project Stage 1: Concept
The first of the four stages is about trying to get a project off the ground. It involves going from the point where the concept is basically ideas in a few people's heads to achieving consensus on the main aims...

Project Stage 2: Planning
The second stage involves turning what you know about the project so far into a plan of action and several specification documents so that work can begin. If everyone has contributed to the content of these documents, they will know...

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